In 1972 North East Glass Fibre of Aberdeen (now part of the Balmoral Group)  began to market kits to convert VW Beetle running  gear into a para military dune buggy.

Kit cars were popular in the 1970s and 80s.  In particular, following the release of the BMC Mini Moke (right), a number of flamboyant dune buggies were available based on tried and tested ‘donor’ cars.

North East Glass Fibre in Aberdeen had established itself as a glass fibre tank and marine products production facility and released their Parabug in 1972. 

It was described as ‘the first all-action, military style body kit to come onto the British market’.

At first the Parabug found support from the media, and several magazines ran features but sales were not brisk and production was soon discontinued in favour of work in Aberdeen’s rapidly booming oil sector. 

Around 40 kits were sold and the example here is perhaps the sole survivor, based on a 1961 1200cc VW beetle convertible.