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Located in the rural village of Alford, just 25 miles from Aberdeen, our award-winning Grampian Transport Museum boasts an impressive range of transport exhibits, from travelling chariots of the 1800’s to some of the fastest cars ever made.

📸Another fabulous photo taken by a recent visitor!

🖼This photo was taken by Erskine Logan Photography!

Be sure… https://t.co/ool1XdtDIP

14 hours ago

👇 How low can you go?🚗

Check out our 1941 Dodge Luxury Liner being lowered down into stance mode.

The Dodge is p… https://t.co/ZArZW39OVj

3 days ago

💥Behind the scenes!💥

We like to update our exhibition every year to ensure it's got a host of
exciting exhibits th… https://t.co/1JUiiAxUsr

5 days ago


This season we've been given incredibly realistic lego models for visitors to search and fi… https://t.co/kftbrd1Ugj

1 week ago

"The perfect May 4th video doesn't exis..."

Check out our Mortier organ giving the perfect rendition of a certain… https://t.co/esjPxtwJXU

1 week ago

📸Sometimes we just have to leave it to our visitors!📸

Check out this awesome shot of our Jaguar F1 car taken by A… https://t.co/i6JH87zrjh

1 week ago