Updating the exhibition

Reopening in 2022

Located in the rural village of Alford, just 25 miles from Aberdeen, our award-winning Grampian Transport Museum boasts an impressive range of transport exhibits, from travelling chariots of the 1800’s to some of the fastest cars ever made.


#BrumsBack https://t.co/cT8ASaitoq

4 days ago

🌃👀We've only been closed for a matter of weeks and already we're preparing for 2022 with old exhibits heading out a… https://t.co/mcKqmLbpwF

1 week ago

💫Here's a wee throwback to our ever-popular "Ride-on Day"

🤞We hope to have events like this back on the calendar f… https://t.co/eDM4nUnM1C

1 week ago

☀️Winter sunshine ☀️

👉Another lovely morning today, featuring a lesser spotted Trabant!

❔Did you know that East G… https://t.co/S1tHXom0qZ

2 weeks ago

⏳Today is the last day of our 2021 season!⌛

👉Don't miss out on some fantastic exhibits like our climb aboards, Ame… https://t.co/pkqFBnul1B

3 weeks ago

👀Behind the scenes!👀

👉Have you ever wondered what's behind our Mortier Dance Organ? Well, wonder no more!

💥The 1… https://t.co/UqXDhKiCPm

4 weeks ago