New for 2023! Heritage Skills Workshops.

We have identified a need for these workshops as heritage skills are becoming harder to find, and there is a demand to learn them, addressing the educational aims of the charity and preserving these skills for the future. We conducted a survey of interested parties which has highlighted a real desire to learn some of these skills - particularly welding, metalwork, use of a metal lathe and fabrication.

In Scotland, there are no opportunities to learn these skills outside structured NC/HNC courses, and those that operate in England are at a high cost due to the scarcity of opportunities to learn them. We are looking to deliver a classic vehicle workshop as a pilot and roll out more as we build relationships with NESCOL and other trusted organisations to deliver the other workshops where specialist equipment and tools are required.

We are planning that as this workshop programme develops, we could move towards delivering a tailored apprenticeships programme in this space.