If you hear the rumbling of heavy metal in the arena of the award winning Grampian Transport Museum at Alford this Sunday you’ll know the military vehicle parade has come to town! In a rare opportunity dedicated collectors of some of the most impressive military land vehicles will be bringing them for visitors to admire at the Museum’s Military Vehicle Tattoo.

Not often seen these days each has a story to tell - whether rescuing or transporting mighty tanks, protecting personnel in armoured carriers or Jeeps and motorcycles scurrying around carrying vital despatches between armoured divisions, military vehicles are built to serve a purpose. The very name Jeep is reputed to stand for Just Enough Essential Parts (although that is disputed by some!)

Organiser Roddy Matheson is an enthusiast of military hardware and greatly appreciates the owners who bring them out for the public to see “It is a logistics challenge to get a lot of the kit here on Sunday and the museum really appreciates all of the time and effort dedicated to putting on a good show. It gives our visitors the opportunity to see some very rare and unusual military hardware and it is an impressive sight.”

The Military tattoo opens to the public at 11am on Sunday the 14th of May.