Alford based Grampian Transport Museum’s ‘How Many Left?’ event on Sunday 12th May promises to be a fun-filled day for owners of those older vehicles which were once encountered every day on our North-East roads but are now rarely seen. Museum Manager Ross McKirdy is looking forward to welcoming a wide and eclectic range of cars, motorcycles, tractors, vans whose owners would like to show them to an admiring public. “Little did we realise when How Many Left? began ten years ago that we were setting a trend which today is one of the fastest growing sectors of classic car shows – for the ‘unexceptional’ everyday vehicles which once filled the local roads and car parks but are now rarely seen anymore.

“There are places to go almost every weekend of the summer to take or see specialist vehicles but there are thousands of owners of ‘ordinary’ old cars and motorcycles who love owning and driving them just for the fun of it and these are people we would welcome to How Many Left? on Sunday 5th. The only criteria are that they are 25 years old or over and are loved by their owners. We would welcome cars, motorcyles, vans, tractors of any make or model, the more the merrier.”

Anniversary cars

The event is also celebrating anniversaries of two cars which were extremely significant in their own ways: the VW Golf saved the company and in the 50 years since its launch, it has gone on to be the third best selling car of all time. Specialist Cars VW will be supporting the event with a selection of older and brand-new models, including the special Golf R 20th anniversary model and the electric range.

If you have a VW Golf of any age or model come and join in the Golf Parade

The car which brought mid-engined sports car ownership to the masses, the Toyota MR2, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2024 and all MR2’s, especially the M20, will be made very welcome for their own display.

Fun and games

Mr McKirdy continued “On the day we will have lots to entertain with parades, fun driving skills tests, judging for prizes such as ‘The most unusual’, ‘The most cherished’ and even ‘The most memory provoking (visitor judged!)’. Between the displays, parades and driving skills there will be awards for which all vehicles can compete, and the public have lots to see and do.”