As an independent museum, we the unwavering support of our loyal members who play an integral role in ensuring the continued success and operation ofGrampian Transport Museum (GTM). We are immensely grateful for the contributions made by our GTM+ members, who not only enjoy exclusive benefits but support us by visiting the museum and in many cases, volunteering with us too. Today, we want to express our heartfelt appreciation for our current members and highlight the advantages of being a GTM+ member. 


What do I get as a GTM+ member? 


  1. Unlimited access to the museum: Our GTM+ members are granted free and unrestricted entry to the museum during normal opening hours. This privilege allows them to explore our vast collection, delve into the rich history, and immerse themselves in the exhibits that make our museum truly special. 

  2. Access to Motorbites Tea Room and Gift Shop: To enhance the museum experience, our members can enjoy unlimited access to the Motorbites Tea Room and Gift Shop during regular museum opening hours. Whether they seek a moment of relaxation or a unique souvenir,our members can access at any time.  

  3. Free entry to Children's Rides and Activity Afternoons: We believe in fostering a love for culture and education in the younger generation. Our GTM+ members are granted free entry to our children's rides and activity afternoons.  

  4. Exclusive Members' Events: As a token of our gratitude, our members receive special invitations to exclusive members' events. These gatherings provide a unique opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts, engage in enriching conversations, and deepen their involvement in our museum's vibrant community. 

  5. Reduced Rates for Car/Motorbike Storage: Recognizing our members' passion for preserving automotive heritage, we offer reduced rates for car/motorbike storage in our Collections Centre. This benefit allows members to safeguard their prized possessions in a secure, temperature and humidity-controlled environment while supporting the museum's continued growth. 

  6. Regular email updates: To ensure our members remain informed and engaged, we provide regular email updates from the museum. From exciting exhibitions and upcoming events to behind-the-scenes insights, these communications keep our members up to date. 

Invitations to the Museum's AGM: We value the opinions and input of our members. By extending an invitation to the museum's Annual General Meeting (AGM), we encourageour GTM+ members to actively participate in the decision-making processes that shape the future of our museum. Their involvement is crucial to our continuous development and success. 

In addition to the benefits of our GTM+ membership, it is crucial to emphasize the significance of our members, volunteers, grants, and donations in sustaining the museum. 

The museum's dedication to wider community engagement is a cornerstone of our mission. We strive to provide diverse opportunities for people of all ages, families, the local community, and tourists to connect with our exhibits and experiences. Within the rich heritage landscape of Alford and Aberdeenshire, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and resources with the broader community, fostering a deeper appreciation of our collective history. 

Formal and informal learning activities, regular exhibitions, events, and access to our archive library for research purposes are just some of the avenues through which we fulfil our commitment to education and enrichment. As a self-financing museum spanning a 15-acre site dedicated to land travel and transport, we curate an extensive collection that encompasses vehicles from various historical periods, including horse-drawn, cycles, motorcycles, and contemporary modes of transportation. 

It is through the support and participation of our GTM+ members, volunteers, and generous funders that we can keep the museum going. Their contributions enable us to continue offering a vibrant museum experience, preserving our heritage, and sharing the legacy of land travel with present and future generations. 

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our GTM+ members. Their unwavering support not only enables us to maintain the museum but also creates an atmosphere of community and shared enthusiasm. With free access, exclusive events, reduced rates, and more, our members are the heart and soul of GTM. Together, we aspire to provide enriching opportunities for diverse audiences and share our knowledge with the wider community, solidifying our place within the heritage landscape of Aberdeenshire. 



    I would love to become a Member and support GTM!