Launched in Japan in July 2009 the Mitsubishi i-MiEV was sold in the UK from 2010-16.  It has a 47kW electric motor fed by a 16 kWh battery.  Range is around 60 miles and it will accelerate briskly to 80mph.

This particular car was registered in March 2013 to be used as a demonstrator by local Mitsubishi dealer, Station Garage at Torphins.  In April 2013 it was purchased by Aberdeen City Council to add to their recently launched car club fleet, run by Co-wheels.  It was the first EV in a car club in Scotland.  Drivers quickly warmed to the car, christening it ‘Misty’!

Misty was the first of 20 EVs in the Aberdeen area club and was retired after the usual 5 years service and donated to the GTM by the City Council.

The car retains its Co-wheels graphics as well as the card reader (lower corner of windscreen) and telematics unit (upper corner) to allow operation as a club car.  The reader allows club members to unlock and lock the car using their membership card and the telematics was for making bookings and tracking the car.