Our museum's volunteers are the heart and soul of our museum. Without their invaluable support, we simply would not be able to operate. However, it is not just the museum that benefits from their dedication and passion. The volunteers themselves find countless reasons why joining the Grampian Transport Museum (GTM) team is a remarkable experience for both them and us. Let us explore 11 compelling reasons why becoming a GTM volunteer is a fantastic opportunity. 

1.Become a part of our team 

We deeply appreciate your support and value your input. Updates are shared with volunteers to keep everyone informed about what is new at themuseum. Volunteer meetings are also held throughout the year, providing opportunities to share news, address questions, and bring everyone together to meet and chat. 


2. Inspire future generations  

We are committed to preserving GTM’s industrial heritage and contributing to Scottish transport history for the benefit of future generations. Volunteers play a pivotal role in achieving this goal, whether through restoration and maintenance projects or engaging with the public transporting them through time with captivating stories. 


3.Support the museum's legacy  

 Volunteers are an integral part of our museum's fabric and history. Since the museum's development process and establishment in 1983, volunteers have played a crucial role, and their contributions remain vital to this day. From supporting the curatorial function to handling front-of-house duties and education initiatives, volunteers perform diverse and invaluable tasks that keep the museum thriving. 


4.Preserve our rich heritage  

 Volunteers play a pivotal role in preserving our unique collection. Whether it involves assisting in restoration and maintenance projects, assistat our events, or engaging with the public, our museum's heritage relies on the dedicated efforts of our volunteers to ensure its preservation for future generations. 


5.Acquirenew skills  

Volunteering at the museum offers an exceptional opportunity to learn new skills and gain confidence in different areas of expertise. If you are seeking to acquire new skills or looking to enhance your CV, look no further  


6.Forge meaningful connections  

 Volunteering at the museum opens doors to new friendships and meaningful connections. We actively encourage socialising among the team. Whether it is sharing a cup of tea in the tea-room or working together on various projects, you will have the chance to meet like-minded individuals and build new friendships. 


7.Add your experience to your CV  

 Volunteering at GTM is a fantastic way to enrich your CV and make it stand out. The museum offers a diverse range of skills that can be acquired through volunteering, and we are open to discussing specific areas of interest where you wish to gain experience. Volunteering benefits your professional profile. 


 8.Make adifference locally 

 By volunteering at the museum, you are actively contributing to your local community. We are an independent museum without governmental funding, so the support provided by volunteers is essential to our success. Your involvement helps usmaintain our cherished museum and preserve its historical significance for future generations to enjoy. 


 9.We cherish your skills  

 Our volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, and no prior knowledge of transport history is necessary. Regardless of your professional career or personal interests, there are numerous ways to apply your skills and contribute to the success of the museum. 


 10.Dog-friendly environment  

We happily welcome well-behaved dogs on leads at GTM. Visitors can bring their four-legged friends along, and they will even receive a complimentary biscuit upon entry. We believe in creating an inclusive and friendly environment for all visitors and volunteers to enjoy – including for our four-legged friends! 


 11.Wide and varied operation  

 Volunteering at the museum is an exciting and fulfilling adventure where no two days are ever the same, with so much going on. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of transport history, engage with the local community, and share your knowledge. 


We hope you can see what a driving force our volunteers at Grampian Transport Museum are, and how they play a vital role in supporting and preserving our rich automotive heritage. By joining our team, our volunteers not only contribute to the success of the museum but also gain new skills, build friendships, and havea wonderful time along the way. We invite you to become part of our community, embrace the joy of making a difference, and embark on an unforgettable journey with us at the Grampian Transport Museum. 



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