Grampian Transport Museum (GTMT) and Jaguar Heritage (JDHT) have worked together for over 30 years with a steady supply of truly great cars heading North from Gaydon to Alford to reach new audiences. These have been both displayed and demonstrated at events; who could forget the unique Jaguar XJ13 racing car lapping the museum track with D-Types and C-Types at the SpeedFest event.

For 2020 GTM has on loan the 1971 Jaguar E-Type S3 V12 that was the press car used to launch the all new V12 that year. It was famously photographed ‘racing’ a Jaguar jet fighter plane at an airfield to stress the V12s impressive acceleration.

To help tell the story of the genesis of the 5.3litre V12 engine the GTM intended to copy the press pack from the launch that has been in the museum archive at Alford for many years. This is an important document and the museum’s copy is in mint condition.  The full story is fascinating and illustrations by the famous commercial artist, Alex Sinclair, in the form of transparent overlays, show the internal layout of the superb new petrol engine. GTM wanted to dismantle their copy to digitise the overlays to produce an interactive slide show but contacted JDHT first to see if there were more copies to be kept in original complete condition.

JDHT responded by sending GTM copies of the original artwork! This means that the work can be carried out without disrupting a very rare piece of historic automotive print that had found its way into the Alford collection.

A great example of UK museums working together.