Last year we told the stop - start story of the electric car from its origins in Aberdeen in 1839 to the present day with a sectioned Nissan Leaf EV. This proved to be topical and popular so for 2021 we are going a step further and probing the future!

Its clear now that the electric car will take over from oil burning cars within a much shorter time frame than first thought. Change is accelerating. In the same time frame we will see the introduction of driverless or autonomous cars. A couple of years ago these were firmly in the field of Sci Fi… they are a reality. With help from key stakeholders in the ‘Mobility Revolution’ we have set out the likely time frame for the adoption of Autonomous cars and who is leading on this, firstly with ‘Robo-Taxis’ by Uber and others in the big cities and eventually filtering out to rural areas.

The likely effects on car ownership and looming associated massive social change are outlined in an effort make our visitors aware that we are perhaps witnessing the start of the end of the motoring era. ‘Probing the Future’ will be refreshed every three months, such is the rate of change, to keep it absolutely accurate and topical. These are seriously interesting times for transportation; we are witnessing an historic technological disruption.