We pride ourselves on bringing you a varied display of motorcycles with an array of early classics through to the modern day marvels. 

A diverse and ever changing display there is always something for the true motorcycle fans amongst us.

Look out for a 'Special Guest' Exhibit from friend of the museum Guy Martin! 


Grampian Transport Museum motorcycle collection for 2020


BMCT collection of

  • Triumph Bandit,
  • 1923 Beardmore Precision
  • 1918 Lea Francis3.5
  • 1904 Kerry


  • Billy Connolly’s World Tour Boom Lowrider
  • Freddy Cooper Norton Manx Triton
  • Norton Manx 500 DOHC
  • 1922 Connaught
  • Wooler CD 344cc
  • Honda CB340 race bike
  • Francis Barnett Cruiser45, 1923
  • Ariel 500 (Black Aerial) 1928
  • Stanhope Bramham cycle car

And other machines integrated within the museum displays.