Greenpower - Goblins

Friday 14 June 2024

10:00am - 3:00pm

This event is run by others or in conjunction with GTM

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Formula Goblin (ages 9 – 11)

Ideal for schools, which can run the project as part of the design and technology/science curriculum. A Goblin Kit Car takes around 15 hours to build and can be dismantled and rebuilt each year with a new team of children who can compete at Greenpower race days.

Between eight and 25 cars will compete on a typical Goblin race day, although there are three larger events held during the racing season too. During a race day each car will have the opportunity to take part in drag and slalom challenges and a head to head sprint. RACES Each car has six attempts at the drag and slalom events. A minimum of one driver and one pusher and a maximum of 12 drivers and 12 pushers can take part. Slalom event The slalom event is a short course, driving through gates built with cones. One car runs at a time on the track and the quickest run of six attempts will go towards the final score for this event. Drag event The drag event is a straight line race, with two cars running as fast as they can in a straight line at any one time. Each car is timed individually on each run – the fastest run of six goes toward the final score for the event. Head to head sprint In the head to head sprint up to three cars will race on a small track in one heat each, leading to a quarter-final, semi-final and a final (dependant on number) to determine an overall winner for this event.