GreenPower- F24

Saturday 15 June 2024

This event is run by others or in conjunction with GTM

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Greenpower’s IET Formula 24 category has a proven track record in engaging 11-16 year olds with Science, Technology and Engineering through participation in designing, building and competing in electric, single seater racing cars. Teams of students take part in the design and building of the car and race days. IET Formula 24 is geared towards secondary schools but we welcome private entries and teams from youth groups and engineering clubs within the 11-16 age range.

IET Formula 24 has two 90 minutes races per event. A minimum of three drivers must be used during each race. The winner is the car that goes the furthest distance in 90 minutes. Race 1 and Race 2 are independent of each other, so you can compete in just one race on the day, or both. When you enter online you need to enter for both races if you wish to do them.


During the practice sessions, You are allowed to use a new set of batteries for practice and for each of the races, but you cannot change batteries during a race.


The Museum's own Young Engineers club will be participating with the Merlin and Spyder, both of which were built by the club!


    Find out more about the club and joining information.