2014 Exhibitions

There will be even more to see at Grampian Transport Museum in 2014. Full details will be announced soon!

GTR Austin Loadstar r

The Great Train Robbery Exhibition

A brand new display featuring some of the vehicles used in the dairing raid!

HGV thumb

HGV Simulator

New for 2014 - our HGV Simulator!


'Round Radiator' Maudslay

A fantastic new addition to GTM for the 2014 season!


Pop Icons

Back for 2014! Featuring everything from Daleks to guitars- bookended by one of the first and last original Mini's.


QR Codes

For the first time at GTM, selected vehicles and objects in the exhibition will feature QR codes for visitors to scan with a mobile device such as a smart phone.


Billy Connolly's Motortrike

Come and see Billy Connolly's famous motortrike at GTM.

rails to alford

Rails to Alford

A history of the Alford Valley Railway, the branch line that literally put Alford on the map. A story of Aberdeen Angus cattle, granite and new mobility.

cycling to the bicentenary

Cycling - To the Bicentenary

From the Hobby Horse of 1817 and the Scottish School of the 1840's, to the present day; cycling has remained popular through several transport eras.

coaching era

The Coaching Era

Before railways Britain had a remarkable network of long distance coaches that delivered the mail and passengers to rigid timetables.

also of interest

Also of Interest

A wide range of dramatic displays and working exhibits which trace the history of travel and transport in the locality.

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