The museum’s celebrated seasonal cycle enables a very high rate of exhibition change every year and is largely responsible for return visitors and our high number of museum members.  It also helps to keep everyone involved, especially staff, volunteers and members, interested and engaged.

With just a few weeks to go until the opening on Sunday the 26th March, the usual chaos reigns.  Loans (in and out) are coming and going as last year’s exhibition gives way to a new presentation for 2017.

There are extensive changes this year and we don’t want to give too much away at this stage but we can all look forward to an expanded chronology of the cycle to celebrate the bi-centenary of the invention of Baron Karl von Drais’ ‘Laufsmaschine’, later known as the ‘hobby horse’, in 1817 that started it all.  There will also be a chance to try out a Smart Turbo Trainer!

The layout of the new reception area will change to accommodate a renewed Guy Martin display and a ‘Tribute to Triumph’ exhibition of motorcycles.  We take a detailed look at the ‘Swinging Sixties’, a time of great innovation for motor cars and motorcycles.  The Engineering in Miniature display started last season is to be expanded and will include a new supporting video section.

We are also looking at the story of caravanning and the advent of the camper van with the best possible example of a ‘Dormobile’!

New also for 2017 will be the next logical step following the introduction of QR codes 3 years ago: to give access to video, audio and extra information to support the exhibition.  We are developing this innovative idea for 2017 by offering 20 compact tablets to our visitors at reception which will be loaded with video, audio, photographs and archive material to support and expand on as many of our captions as possible resulting in a greatly enhanced level of interpretation.  Exciting stuff!