Many of the museum’s friends, members and supporters will remember Jim Piggins (Dr. James Piggins), one of our longest serving volunteers who died in 2014.  Jim developed our current Conservation Records system and was a keen events volunteer.  He donated his very original Hillman Imp to the museum and left a legacy at the time of his death.  Sadly, shortly afterwards Fiona Piggins, Jim’s wife, also died; she never really recovered from her loss.  Fiona was also very supportive of the museum but pursued her own interests in all things equestrian, latterly with her horse, Whisky.

Last week we heard from the Charities Aid Foundation that GTM was to benefit also under the terms of Fiona’s will in the form of a bequest of £20,000.

Both Jim and Fiona were always among the first visitors through the doors at the start of each new season.  They loved to see change and development.  Accordingly, the Trustees have agreed to use half of the sum for exhibition improvements this winter and the balance will be added to our resilience fund.

A brass plate attached to new permanent exhibition structures will record the support of Jim and Fiona and the appreciation of the museum’s Trustees.  GTM is attracting increasing numbers of bequest and legacies and the Trustees are developing a system for permanently recording all such support in the fabric of the main building.

Here’s to Fiona and Jim – still lending a helping hand!